The Great Digital Marketing Melting Pot!

Are you tired of long-winded hiring processes? Do you feel challenged when you require contractors with micro skills for very specific needs? Are you getting irrelevant alerts for jobs? If you answer yes to any of these DigiNekt the place for you.

Our objective is to make finding jobs and candidates a more streamlined process, saving you time, money and effort.

To achieve our objectives we have defined a process. All you have to do is briefly answer our questions and we’ll match you to your requirements. Depending on your requirements it will take a maximum of 8 minutes to fit your right fit.

How do we do it? We do it through our advanced search techniques that match your requirements against our existing database. Try us out today.

Employer Testimonial

DigiNekt is a great platform for digital marketing talent sourcing, a wide range of jobs (full time, part time, consultancy, work from home) options is available. We suggest our ex and current students to use this portal to boast their career and expectations. DigiNekt has helped DMIOA hire good talent in the recent past.

Silky Sahay Bhushan CEO, Digital Marketing Institute of America

At first, we thought that DigiNekt won't be a suitable platform for us but, despite being a brand new platform we started to get job applications from the first day itself. And the best thing about DigiNekt is that we only get relevant job applications as DigiNekt is only for digital marketing jobs. Once again, thanks DigiNekt for helping us build our team.

Mahesh Kumar Spokesperson, Transcription Certification Institute

Job Seekers Testimonial

I highly recommend Diginekt. What makes it different from any other job searching platform is that you are only applying in the field of digital marketing. It's a true time saver! I used to be constantly emailed available positions in Sales from other job searching platforms, even if was just looking in digital. I got an interview a week after applying for an internship in Digital Marketing! Thank you Diginekt for helping me finding the internship I have always wanted!

Marie Cohen

I was initially hesitant to use DigiNekt because it was so unfamiliar to me. However, its platform is easy to use and efficient for my needs. Since I am a full time college student, I wanted freelance projects so that I may still devote my time to my studies, but still gain marketing experience for my future. DigiNekt lists various marketing opportunities and I can choose one that I believe will best showcase my skills. I highly recommend this to all my fellow students.

Lindsey Kim

Whoaa! I had a great experience with DigiNekt. They helped me to get my dream job. The best thing about the people at DigiNekt is that they are only associated with digital marketing companies and they pay attention to each candidate's resume and provide the best opportunity in the digital marketing field available today.

Nîk Thakur

If one's looking for a jobs in digital marketing field, DigiNekt is a great platform that's connecting job seekers with opportunities. I personally had a great experience with DigiNekt as it helped me to get the job I always wanted.

Vivek Kumar